Shirlee McCoy


Shirlee & Huxley

Shirlee McCoy joined the team in 2018. An operational flanker, she holds a NASAR SARTECH I certification, a NASAR SARTECH II certification, Wilderness First Aid certification, and an Amateur Radio Technician license. She also holds an NRP Search Team Member certification. Shirlee holds the Chesapeake Search Dog team record for most compasses lost or broken during training and has earned the unenviable title of Team Bramble Queen. An author who spends her days plotting and writing books, she enjoys mentoring and helping others. When she isn’t training, searching, or writing, she can be found hanging out with her five children, playing with her two dogs, or catering to the whims of her three cats.

Huxley was born May 31, 2019, and was accepted onto the team’s puppy prep team in August of 2020. He is training to become a certified wilderness air scent dog. Huxley loves his family, his food, and his squeaky tennis balls. Well-known for his avant-garde hairstyle, Huxley is an energetic, happy, eager boy who greets each day with a wagging tail and a smile.