Our Specialties

  • Area Air Scent Search: This is the location of a lost/missing individual in an area. Sometimes also referred to as “wilderness” searching, that is not its only application. Typically the dogs are worked off lead and are trained to find generic human scent. Areas can be as small as a building and as large as 100 acres. The dogs are trained to search for scent for as long as 4-6 hours on a task. The impact of this type of search is that a large area can be covered in a relatively short amount of time with the least amount of resources needed. Ten dogs can search 1,000 acres in four hours.
  • Advanced Air Scent: These dogs are called in when the subject has been missing for several days and their status is unknown.  These dogs train in cadaver work and will locate a person that is either deceased or living.  
  • Human Remains Detection: This is the location of human remains. These dogs are often referred to as “cadaver dogs.” In this discipline, a dog is trained to recognize and be able to pinpoint the specific scents of human decomposition in order to assist authorities in recovering human remains.
    Within Human Remains Detection, our dogs specialize in Land, Water, and Crime Scene.