Mary Ellen Grady


Mary Ellen & Tank

Mary Ellen Grady joined the team in 2013. She is currently an Operational Flanker and an Operational K9 Handler with her dog, Tank. Mary Ellen holds NASAR SARTECH I, SARTECH II, K9 SARTECH II Area Search, and K9 HRD Land IV certifications. In addition, Mary Ellen is an Amateur Radio Technician, is certified in Wilderness First Aid, and is an NRP Search Team Member. Mary Ellen lives in Anne Arundel County with her husband, two college-aged children, and their dog, Tank. Mary Ellen is employed as a Writer and Communications Strategist. In her spare time she writes romantic suspense novels, takes long walls with her dog, and enjoys spending time with her family.

Tank is a King Shepherd who was accepted into the Chesapeake Search Dogs Puppy Program in 2013. Tank holds a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Certification, NASAR Canine SARTECH II Area Search certification, NASAR HRD Land IV certification, and is currently operational as a Wilderness Air Scent K9. Tank enjoys long walks, cheese, belly rubs, and playing keep away.